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March 30th, 2010

More on the South Branch closing, and the City Manager’s sentiment towards North in this Pioneer Press article.

“In order for us to get out of the lease, if we were to do that, we needed to give notice,” Bobkiewicz said, noting that City Council members discussed the timing. “While it is apparently news to the Friends group, it was something that was known.”

The city owns the North Branch library space and there are no predetermined plans for the property if the branch is closed over the summer.

“There are no notification issues since we are the owner. All we would have to do is close the doors,” Bobkiewicz said. “We would just button it up and wait for further direction from the council.”

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  1. Rita (March 31, 2010)

    Can we count on anything they tell us? Unbelievable….all we have to do is close the doors? WOW!

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