Summer Reading Program Volunteer Schedule

June 27th, 2010

The summer reading program is off to a great start and the newest location at Dempster Plaza is slated to get moving after the 1st of July. If you would like to be part of the exciting program please email and indicate which of the times and locations below work for you.

  • Take an hour or the full shift- There is a librarian at each shift every day.

Mondays @ Robert Crown      12:00-2:00

Tuesday   @Dempster Plaza     2:00-5:00
                 @Fleetwood Jordain 4:00-6:00
Wed.        @ Dempster Plaza    2:00-5:00
Thurs.       @Dempster Plaza     2:00-5:00   
                  @Robert Crown     4:00-6:00
Which hours or hours would you like?

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