Every. Single. Day.

July 24th, 2010

…We get more ideas in our inbox, more checks in our mailbox, more articles you want to share with us! You guys continue to impress and amaze us. Today one of the eplfriends sent along this link for an NPR story about how libraries might be the next big culture wave after cupcakes. It’s a great article, so if you have about 5 minutes, take the time to read it, and then click one of the handy new links below and SHARE what you read on one of the other social media outlets.

This week was another busy week for EPL Friends. After packing up the last of the remaining books from our wildly successful Mega Book Sale last weekend, on Wednesday night, the Library Board discussed the possibility of a Library Fund, which we’ll be sharing more info here about soon. And, we wrote a big, fat check to the Evanston Public Library for $108,400*, thanks to all you donors, which will help us keep the lights on at both branches these next six months. Our west side outreach continues to thrive with more than 200 summer readers participating at Crown and Fleetwood, who otherwise wouldn’t have been involved. Visit EPL Friends at the West Side Farmer’s Market, too.
We also had Janet Piehl at SB reading from her children’s stories, and our grant writers pow-wowed to share ideas last week. Whole Foods mailed us the final check from their 5% day, and it totaled $6,400! HUGE thanks to all our volunteers who manned the tables at both stores and to the awesome Whole Foods team who helped make things happen. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events on the horizon, and thanks again for your willingness to get, and stay, involved.
*This is the corrected amount– without the add’l $50k from the Library Board and a private donor who made their donation originally to re-hab NB and SB.

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