September 16th, 2010

In a shocking turn of events, the Library Board voted to accept as a guideline for budgeting the worst of all possible scenarios — and one which couldn’t begin to support the branches, much less strengthen the system as a whole. Votes for the “guideline” included the two new board members as well as Diane Allen Jacobi (who made the motion), Dona Gerson (who seconded), and Lynette Murphy.

The motion, which had to be repeated several times, was confusing at best, particularly as it represented NONE of the various budgeting options which had been prepared by City Staff. Board member, Gail Bush, who is also President of the Illinois Library Association, Christopher Stewart, Board President, and Susan Newman voted against, with Gail saying that due to the complexity of the situation, more time, discussion and analysis was necessary. After spending more than 10 months following this minute to minute, and still being confused as to what was being proposed, I would have to agree and can’t imagine that the newest members had a firm grasp on what they were voting for. Let the board members who voted for this “guideline” know if you don’t agree. Their email addresses can be found on the City’s website.

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