Outpost ahead…

February 24th, 2011

Evanston Public Library Friends announce that work begins today at the new 900 Chicago Avenue, Suite 102 location, for Evanston Public Library Friends’ Outpost, despite the Library Board’s lack of support for the initiative at last night’s Library Board meeting. In the very near future patrons will be invited come see what’s in store, and the Outpost space is anticipated to open officially in mid-March.  Staffed by volunteers, the space will have a collection of donated books and other reading material for children and adults, as well as computers and internet access, and will be open to the public five days a week.

EPLFriends are thrilled to have found such a perfect interim space for the new Outpost at 900 Chicago Ave., and are grateful to Thomas Ahleman of Studio Talo for his pro bono design work, to Boston Street Lab for their generous offer of shelving, and to those who have so generously supported the Friends’ efforts to keep neighborhood services alive. As Library Board Trustee, and ILA President, Gail Bush has said, “continuity” is such a critical factor for libraries. While not a library in the traditional sense of the word, the Outpost will help to provide that continuity in a way that is innovative and forward-thinking.

“The Friends are deeply disappointed with the decision of the Library Board, but will maintain our commitment to provide this service to the Main and Chicago neighborhood,” said EPLF president, Ellen Newcomer.  “We hope that the books from South Branch, which have been purchased with Evanston taxpayers’ money, will stay in Evanston and help bolster our collection at the Outpost and as a distribution point for our other locations throughout the City.”

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