Get Involved

Yes…we would love for you to become a member and/or donate. But – there is a lot more you can do, much of which requires very little effort. Perfect for busy people. Here’s how you can get your voice heard and let it be known that libraries are important to Evanston!

Or, if there’s something specific you’d like to do, email us at, or and let us know what you’d like to do.

Letters to the Editor

Take a minute and send a letter to a local news source letting them know you support the Evanston libraries. Share a good experience you’ve had, or write about why you think libraries are important to the economics and sustainability of Evanston.

Write your Alderman

The more your alderman hears, the better. Let them know how you feel! You can find their contact details here.

Follow Us

It’s a funny thing, but numbers matter. Even just friending us on Facebook or subscribing to our newsletter, can make a difference in helping us share our ideas.  Twitter, Facebook and other social media are great platforms for sharing opinions with friends and colleagues. Let people know what you think. Follow us on Twitter (@eplfriends) and Facebook (joineplfriends), subscribe to our newsletter and our blog and share what you read! Retweet, share on Facebook.


Blogs are powerfull tools for speaking out. Your audience is much bigger than you may know, since many people are following all the news about libraries and funding and searching the internet. We are not alone…

Share your opinion, let people know what you think, and how to take action. Send us the link so we can share your blog article, too. Whenever you come across something online, on our blog, websites related to Evanston or Libraries, or Facebook, leave a comment. We love your comments, and the more interaction, the better.


Many of you have put up the Save Our Branches signs and posters in your homes and yards. We appreciate the effort! Your voice makes a difference. We are always looking for businesses and families willing to help us publicize our events and activities. To get posters of upcoming events, please email