Our Story

“The Evanston Public Library is a tremendous resource to our neighbors and we want to keep the local branches open.”

-Bridget Isaia, Marketing and Community Relations Specialist, Evanston South Whole Foods Market

Evanston Public Library Friends is an independent, community-based organization dedicated to strengthening Evanston Public Library’s innovation, leadership and neighborhood outreach.

Formed in March 2010, EPL Friends has enrolled more than 3,000 family memberships. Comprised of members from every ward throughout Evanston, the organization also includes donors from across the United States, and as far away as New Zealand.

Find out how you can help strengthen Evanston’s library system. Family membership is just $25. Become a member today.

Also, be sure to check out our get involved page where you can learn about our various volunteer and outreach opportunities, and don’t forget to stay in touch!

EPL Friends is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit.

Board Members and Officers

Board of Directors

Lori Keenan, Co-President

Trish Stieglitz, Co-President

Debby Kisor, Vice President

Cheryl Chamberlain, Secretary

Jim Hughes, Treasurer

Linda Gavelek, Director

Bennett Johnson, Director

Marcia Mahoney, Director

Mary Roskinski, Director


Advisory Board

Larry Lundy

Eb Moran

Mary Lou Smith

Jeffrey P. Smith